Pro libertate

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for Tenor & Baryton Solos, Male Choir and Symphony Orchestra

Text: selection of the documentations from the age of XVIII Siecle of the Hungarian Indipendens’s War
Compiled by Zsolt Kőháti (Hungarian language)
Duration: 20 mins

Year of comp.: 1975
Orchestration: 2-2-2-2 4-3-3-1 Timp, Percs. Harp 21-10-8-6-5

Premier: 1976 Budapest, Concert Hall of F.Liszt Uni.

Performed by: Ferenc Szőnyi (T) Sándor Sólyom Nagy (Bar)
Symphony Orch. & Male Choir of the Hungarian Army
Conducted by György Görgei

Publisher EMB
Recording by Hungarian Radio