The Magic Chair

Other Information:

Opera in One Act

Text by G.Devecseri, K.Lendvay,
based on Frigyes Karinthy’s story
Composed: 1971-72
Duration: 47 minutes

The Cast:

Genius (T)
The Girl (S)
Ms. Secretary (MS)
Under .Secr.of State: (Bar)
Coumselor (T)
Secr. Of State (Bar)
The Poeth (T)
Office Attend: (B)

Commissioned by The Hungarian Television
Or­ches­tra: 2-2-2-2, 4-3-31, Percs, Timp., Strings: 10,8,6,5,4
Premiere: 1972, Hun­garian Tele­vi­sion,
Dir­ector: László Vámos
Or­ches­tra of the State Hun­garian Opera,
Con­duc­ted by Ervin Lukács
Cam­era­man: Igor Sík,
Scen­ary: Lajos Jánosa,
Cos­tume: Judit Schäffer
Rec. Pro­du­cer: Cecilia Fejes

Ad­di­tional per­cormances:
1975 Görlitz. Zit­tau, Ger­hart Haupt­man Theater

„to Sándor Ruit­ner pro­du­cer”