The Respectable Prostitute

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The Respectful Prostitute (excerpt) The Respectable Prostitute 1st scene / A tisztességtudó utcalány - 1. kép The Respectable Prostitute 2nd and 3rd scene / A tisztességtudó utcalány - 2-3. kép Pászthy Júlia - Polgár László:
Other Information:

Text adapted from J.P.Sartre’s drama after the same title by
K. Lendvay, using András Benedek’s translation
Lan­guages: Hun­garian, French, Eng­lish, Ger­man
Com­mis­sioned:The Hun­garian Tele­vi­sion
Com­posed: 1976-78

Dur­a­tion: 40 Minutes


Liz­zie Mackay (S)
Fred (T)
The Negro (B)
Sen­ator Clark (Bar)
1st Po­lice­man ((T)
2nd Po­lice­man (Bar)

Dir­ec­ted by László Vámos
Cameraman Máté Dar­vas
Scen­ary Lajos Jánosa
Cos­tume Mari­ann Wieber
Per­formed by: Cham­ber En­semble of the Bud­apest Sym­phony Or­ches­tra,
Con­duc­ted by Tamás Breit­ner
Orchestra: 2 Flute (2.: Fl.Alto, Picc.) Ob., Cor.Engl., Bsn., Cor., Trp.,
Trb., T., Timp. Percs.,Arp, Pf., 6 Vls, 2 Vlas, 2 Vcs, Db.
World premiere: 1979 Hungarian Television
On stage: 1983 Paris, Theater of Espace Pierre Cardin
Music: L’Orcheste de l’Opera du Nord
Conducted by: Henry Gallois
Directed by: Máté Rabinovszky
Scenary and Costumes: Thomas Zanko

Hungarian premider on stage: 2003 Budapest, Átrium, (premier on Stage)
Conducted by: Péter Oberfrank,
Directed by: Kornél Munduczó

Recording by Hungaroton SLPX 12132

Awards: Grand Prix Internationale du Disque Lyrics 1979
„Composer’s Award” at „Veszprém TV Opera Festival 1982”

„to László Bánki producer”