Stabat Mater

Recordings from YouTube:
Stabat Mater (1991) , I. Stabat Mater dolorosa Stabat Mater (1991) , II. Cuius animam Stabat Mater (1991) , V. Vidit suul dulcem Natum - Je veux plus aimer - Eia Mater Stabat Mater (1991) , VI. Fac me tecum Stabat Mater (1991) , VII. Je ne veux plus penser Stabat Mater (1991) , VIII. Quando corpus
Other Information:

for MS Solo, SATB Choir, Small Orchestra

Text: Latin liturgical and Verlain: Sagesse No1, no2
Commissioned: ARIAM ILE DE FRANCE and the Department of Cultural Affairs of France
Dedicated to Marcel Landovsky

Composed: 1991
Duration: 30 Mins
Orch.: Ob.-Cl-BCl-Bsn-Hrn-Org-Strings

I. Stabat mater
II.Cuius animam
III.O quam tristis
IV.Quis est homo
V. „Je ne veux plus aimer…” *)
VI. Fac me tecum
VII. „Je ne veux plus penser…”
VIII. Quando corpus morietur *)

World premiere 1991 Meaux,& Paris Eglise St. Augustin
Performed by: Jacqueline Mayes (Ms) Eric Lebrun (Org), Choeur Regional
Ile de France & Ens.Instr. J.W.Audoli
Conducted by: Michel Piquemal
Pub­lisher: EMB
Hun­ga­ro­ton HCD 31533
Hun­garian Tele­vi­sion 1991
Radio France Music 1991

Ad­di­tional per­form­ances:
1995 Bud­apest Con­cert Hall of Uni­versity F.​Liszt of Music
Per­formed by: Jac­queline Mayer (Ms) Choir of the Hun­garian Radio & Symph. Or­ches­tra
Con­duc­ted by: Michel Piquemal,v Con­ductor of Choir: K. Straus

1996 Pécs, Bazi­lika, per­formed Tamara Takács, (Ms)Choir of „Kodály”dir: S. Kamp
Con­duc­ted by Howard Wil­li­ams
Re­cord­ing: Stu­dio Pécs

2000 Debre­cen, in the Bartók Hall
Per­formed by. An­drea Meláth (Ms),Symph. Orch. Debre­cen, & „Kodály Choir” Debre­cen
Con­duc­ted by: Gergely Kes­selyák, dir. of Choir: Ágnes Török

2001 Paris, Eg­lise de Saint Eu­tache
Per­formed by: Jac­queline Mayer, E.​Lebrun, Choir Re­gional Vit­toria Ile de Fr, Orch. Paris
Con­duc­ted by Michel Piquemal