Fifthmusik for Violoncello Solo



Recordings from YouTube:
Kamilló Lendvay, Fifthmusic
Other Information:
Commissioned for The 1980 International Casals Cello Competition
Dedicated to Csaba Onczay
Date of composition: 1978-79
One-movement work

Playing time: 7 mins

Premiere: the participants of the Cello Competition, later Csaba Onczay

Some ad­di­tional per­form­ances since 1980:
Paris, Vi­enna, Toronto, Ber­gamo, Ithaca, Southestern (USA), Ober­lin­gen Chicago, CBS (Canada) Tokyo, Ancona, De­troit, King­ston, Pitt­s­burg, Lynch­burg, Cam­bridge (USA) Rome, Toronto (CKLN Radio), Paris, Rome, RAI „Radio Tre”, Mis­sioury, Nieder­stotz­lin­gen

Pub­lisher: EMB
Re­cord­ing: Hun­ga­ro­ton SLPX, HCD

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